Edric Longfellow

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Lord Edric Longfellow
Resides: Barony of Tir Ysgithr
Status: Active
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Per pale gules and azure, two stalks of barley in saltire within a bordure Or.


Interests & activities

Edric first got involved with the SCA in 1989. Since then, Edric basically has had two "careers" in the SCA, if you will: that as a brewer, and that as a painter.

First, brewing: Edric became an avid homebrewer, which was a good fit with the SCA. He first started by attending homebrewing classes at collegiums. Between that and mundane resources, he honed his skills. He then began entering into competitions, which he regularly won. Then, as a part of the Atenveldt Brewers Guild, he began judging competitions, autocrating competitions, teaching his own classes, and eventually headed up the guild itself for a year. Quietly, though, he stepped down for health reasons. There was a time, because of his health, he had to abstain from alcohol, and even though that has passed, he still cannot imbibe like he used to. After more than a decade, his time in the brewer's guild had passed.


Second, painting: Edric was always a decent artist, even in his early days in the SCA. Some of his art adorned the cover of Sunstruck, when he first joined. With his exit from the Brewer's Guild, though, that became his main focus. Oil painting became his passion.

Early on, he became interested in the chiaroscuro painting style of the late period renaissance masters such as Rubans, or Caravaggio. That influenced his own style of painting, and produced pieces like:


In an attempt to document the actual act of reenactment in a period style, "Wanders" depicts household members wandering into the night at an Estrella War for merriment and mayhem.

Another piece:

"Hafla in the Outlands"

"Hafla in the Outlands" shows a party at an Estrella War. In particular, the Kingdom of the Outlands typically has a hafla on one night of the war. This piece shows that party one year.

Another piece:

"Let's Eat and Drink While There Is Oil in the Lantern"

"Let's Eat and Drink While There is Oil in the Lantern" changes it up a bit. Rather than the dark chiaroscuro style of his earlier work, this is a brighter piece, though still showing a wartime subject: two friends back at camp, cooking, and the brotherhood that that entails.

In addition to painting, Edric has taught an art history class at an Atenveldt A&S Collegium. The class was split into three sections for three artists: Paulo Uccello, Botticelli, and Caravaggio. Later that same year Edric got to see one of the painting he taught about:

Paulo Uccello at the National Gallery, London

Edric's involvement is on going. Look for him at camp Tagesterne at Estrella.


Edric's Order of Precedence


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