Eberhauer Landsknecht

From Kingdom of Atenveldt

Eberhauer Landsknecht Encampment
Founded: 1997
Status: Active

Per bend Or and argent, a bend raguly gules between a double-headed eagle sable and an elephant's tusk gules

What's in a name?

The Landsknechte (also rendered as Landsknechts; singular: Landsknecht, pronounced [ˈlantsknɛçt]) were German-speaking mercenaries used in pike and shot formations during the early modern period. Consisting predominantly of pikemen and supporting foot soldiers, their front line was formed by Doppelsöldner ("double-pay men") renowned for their use of arquebus and Zweihänder. They formed the bulk of the Holy Roman Empire's Imperial Army from the late 1400s to the early 1600s.


Originally formed in the Barony of Tir Ysgithr Now spread though-out Atenveldt and other kingdoms.

Order of Precedence

Eberhauer Landsknecht Order of Precedence.


  • Eogan Steinson - Hauptmann
  • Franz Weiher - Leutnant
  • Tanne Atzler - Feldwebel
  • Jörg von den Hügeln - Schatzmeister
  • Malaius der Totenschläger - SturmDoppel
  • Ericker - SturmDoppel
  • Han Bamlach von Bamberg - Doppelsöldner
  • Jarrod Fitz Rochroy - Doppelsöldner
  • Donegal Buchanan - Doppelsöldner
  • Fenrich Stürmer Hahn - Doppelsöldner
  • Gunther Katzkin - Doppelsöldner
  • Moivar Vinurlan - Doppelsöldner
  • Nator Der Grothen Schwarzen Hahn - Doppelsöldner
  • Stefan Zinnecker der Jegar von Ansback - Doppelsöldner
  • Nikolaus Martin - Doppelsöldner
  • Klaus Vokker - Doppelsöldner
  • Hugh Normus - Doppelsöldner
  • Sylvanius - Doppelsöldner
  • Wellhelm - Doppelsöldner
  • Demetrius - Söldner
  • Gaetano - Söldner
  • Ulfrich - Söldner
  • Avylyn - Söldner
  • Fredrick - Söldner
  • Erwin - Söldner
  • Ismania - Rekrut
  • Henry of Bohemia - Rekrut
  • Eugo Long - Rekrut
  • Fraye Steinson - HauptFrau
  • Kandace Van de Libel - OberFrau
  • Heidi - TrossFrau
  • Iona Putnikova - TrossFrau
  • Gustoff -Tross
  • Helena - TrossFrau
  • Tylindal -TrossFrau
  • Liesele Knapp von Colmberg -TrossWhuren
  • Kolfinna Oddsdóttir -TrossWhuren
  • Asa Nordoster -TrossFrau
  • Avelina Skarlet -TrossWhuren
  • Natasha -TrossFrau
  • Aldessa Vonschwetz -TrossFrau
  • Senua - TrossFrau

    Unit Structure

    A. Officer

  • 1. Hauptmann(captain): Hauptmann is the leader of the unit and makes the final decision on activities of the unit, with the exemption of changing the by-laws. The Hauptmann appoints his command structure and can add or remove positions or people as his leisure.
  • 2. Leutnant(Lieutenant): Leutnant is second in command to the Hauptmann and will act as Hauptmann in his absence.
  • 3. Feldwebel(sergeant): Feldwebel is third in command and is responsible for marshaling the troops and upkeep of the armory.
  • 4. Fuhnmann(wagon master): Fuhnmann is forth in charge and is responsible for the upkeep of the encampment.
  • 5. Koch(Cook): Koch is fifth in change and is responsible for feeding the encampment.
  • B. Ranks
  • 1. SturmDoppel: Sturmdoppel is the highest fighting rank. Sturmdoppels can only be promoted by a unanimous vote of the existing Sturmdoppels present at the time.
  • 2. Doppelsöldner: Doppelsöldner is the second highest fighting rank. Doppelsöldner can only be promoted by a super majority vote of the existing Doppelsöldner present at the time. They must own there own period tent in addition to the requirement of a becoming a Söldner.
  • 3. Söldner: Söldner is the lowest fighting rank. Söldner's are promoted by the Hauptmann and must own their own armor and garb.
  • 4. Rekrut: Rekrut does not hold rank. Rekrut are new prospects to the unit. They can become members by promotion to the rank of söldner or by permission from the Hauptmann.
  • C. Tross(Baggage Train): The Tross is made up of any non fighting members, (not fighting on that day) or anybody that is camping with us and not fighting. The duties of the Tross is to make sure camp is cleaned up during fighting, help prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner, And do what ever else is needed. anybody not fighting is expected to help out around camp.
  • 1. TrossFrau: Non-fighting Women(or men as the case may be) of the camp. Hirarchy of the Tross is based on the position or rank held by their spouse.
  • 2. Frawen: Frawen is any woman married by law to a member. “May wife's” or campaign marriages are considered Whuren
  • 3. Whuren: Whuren is any woman attached to one man but not married. Whuren can become members with permission from the Hauptmann
  • 4. Frau: A Frau is any women in camp. Frauen may become a members with permission from the Hauptmann


    A. Paid Member: A paid member is anybody approved to be a member that has paid there annual dues in full. Paid members will have the right to cast one vote for Hauptmann at elections and will get an opinion in all other activities and decision of the unit.

    B. Non-paid member: A non paid member is anybody approved to be a member that has not paid there annual dues in full. Non paid members do not get a vote for Hauptmann and have no say in any decisions of the unit.

    Social Media

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/469514899760611 Eberhauer Landsknecht Facebook.