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Domingo diaz de la vega y martin1.jpg
Resides: Barony of Twin Moons
Status: Active
Domingo Diaz de la Vega y Martin.png
Or, a morion and on a chief wavy sable three birds volant to sinister chief Or.

General Info

My first event was Magna Faire in Shire Osprey (Mobile AL) around 1985. It was a demo that the Shire had while the city was displaying the Magna Carta as it toured the country. I enjoyed meeting other nerds and I geeked out about history and other things. I watched the fighting and wasn’t sure about it, but I did enjoy the feast and the dancing afterwards. After going to a few events I tried combat and fell in love with it. I got started in the Arts and Sciences then, tried to do all the things like many newcomers do. Here it is all these years later, and I am still trying new things.

Resume Info

I do and enjoy so many things. I also come from a family where food is love so I tend to try to feed people, which is how I got into feast stewarding. I have no Main pursuit, I have many. I love fighting, whether it is in armor or out. I enjoy creating new clothes and new dress accessories. I also enjoy teaching on a smaller scale new-comers and old-timers alike.


One of my heros growing up was Zorro (especially Zorro the Gay Blade), and in one of the series, his father was Domingo de la Vega. I was pretty sure the Heralds wouldn’t let Diego de la Vega pass, so I used his father’s name. As for Heraldry, Or a Morion Sable, Chief Wavy Sable, three Martlets volent Or. The Morion was one of the most common footmen helmets in Europe in the 16th Century. Also, as far as I know, I was the first person in the Society to own a Combat legal Morion. And I was just another fighter on the field, not a Knight or a Peer. As for the Martlets, per one Heraldry book I read, the Martlet is depicted with no legs, which indicates a person with no land. At the time I was serving in the military and was moving around a bit. As such I had no true land to call home in my home country. Since I received the accolade of Knighthood I have adapted the badge Sable, on a pale between two escallops Or a cross of Santiago gules. There is a Spanish order of Knighthood who’s purpose was defend pilgrims on the way to Santiago de Compostella from brigands and other ne’er-do-wells. As I am also a Commander of the Pilgrim of the Dessert, I find this Order appropriate to chose membership in. So I am just a Less than humble 16th C Spanish Nobleman trying to out-dress everyone.

Arts and Sciences Info

I am currently the Plague Years Arts and Science Champion for the Kingdom. As for other projects, I have a Jack of Plates that is based off of one of the Jacks in the Leeds collection and also has a dissection in Charles Fflolkes-An Armorer and His Craft. After making it and fighting in it I enjoyed the mobility and protectiveness it affords. I made another version that uses less plates and protects less but is much lighter. I have assisted in largess for various people over the years, including helping the late Duke Mathias make Largess treasure chests for one of his reigns.

Fighting info

The first tournament I won was years ago in the Shire of Phoenix Glade (Meridies) and it was a fluke. There were three of us left in the tournament and they decided to make it interesting. Instead of a round robin, win two in a row and you win, they decided on a three way everyone for themselves. As we approached the center of the field, I backed up and said, OK you go for it and I’ll fight who’s left. They fought and double killed. I stepped up to the center of the field, bowed to the audience and claimed my victory.

Service Info

In my many years in the SCA I have held all the major offices and some minor ones as well. I have taught classes of various levels in each kingdom I have lived in, and I have students all across the known world. I have been involved in Estrella Land Allocation at various levels for many years. At Gulf Wars I have assisted in running that Guard Shack/Security for a few years as well. I have been a Guard Captain for Duchess Deilee and a Court Herald for Duke Aaron and Duchess Alexsandra at both Lilies War and Gulf War and filled in at foreign events at other wars as needed.



I have no allergies that I know of, and am always grateful for anything that is gifted to me. It isn't the gift but the thought of caring enough to give it that means so much to me.