Deborah of Mightrinwood

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Countess Deborah of Mightrinwood
Resides: Barony of Tir Ysgithr
Status: Active
Deborah of Mightrinwood.png
Argent, in fess two lizards tergiant purpure

General Info

Early 80’s first event was Curia of Jo the good.

Resume Info

Making things for fighters ie. Arming Coats, Coifs, Surcoats. Then sewing of all kinds, lots of Heraldry done by appliqué.


My first SCA name was Shealing of Golden Lake, but I met my husband and he said I was Deborah of Mightrinwood poof there was my name and as my feudal Lord he made it so. I am a 14th century Celtic wench. My heraldry is two purple lizards on a white field.

Arts and Sciences

We owned Ye Olde Kutting Edge Armory and gave a lot of our gear for the kingdom. I gave a lot of largess just can’t remember what now. Jewelry, Coifs, my favorite things were arming coats.

Service Info

I help with new people, children and where ever needed.


Purple is our color and we are known by.


  • She/Her



  • Royalty: Countess


    Offices & Positions


    Event Staff