Cecily de la Warde

From Kingdom of Atenveldt
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Mistress Cecily
Resides: Barony of Sun Dragon
Status: Active
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Azure, mounted upon a horse passant contourny argent, a maiden maintaining a hawk close contourny Or.

Cecily started playing 1996. She and her family went to the the Devonshire Ren Faire because she read about it in the newspaper. It was an SCA event that was put on by the Phoenix Parks and Reqs. It was how the SCA paid for the lights at Encanto Park. This was a large SCA demo with booths and merchants. At one game booth for a dollar, you could shoot at the "Mad Viking." The kids were given bookmarks with the archery information to encourage people to come to archery. The "Mad Viking" was Leif and the person handing out bookmarks was Brenna. They became fast friends and her immersion in the SCA was started.

Cecily currently is a large contributor to Arts and Sciences. She is an excellent scroll maker and calligrapher. She loves to do textile arts including sprang, embroidery, knitting, nalbinding, lucet, lace, and many other textile arts. She also did a lot of period cooking, ran some feasts, luncheons, and teas. Cecily and her family participated in archery for a period of time.

Cecily joined several households in her SCA tenure, including Lost Tribes, and The Great Dark Horde, and House Kintyre which is no longer active. House Kintyre offered a safe place to camp for individuals who didn't have someone there to help them out with camping. Lost Tribes household was primarily made up of people who were mothers and it was a matriarchal tribe. Any "mom" can make "children," but you have to have more than one "mom" to make another "mom." The Great Dark Horde that played as a Mongol horde and played as mercenaries.

Cecily is already a Laurel and is getting ready to relocate to the Kingdom of Calontir. She is excited to start in her new Kingdom and is hoping to join or start a scribes group over there. Her goals include figuring out what her new local and kingdom expectations. She is still planning on keeping in touch with her "home" in Sun Dragon and Atenveldt. She is also looking forward to doing some nalbinding and knitting period projects since she can actually wear it out there and she has some personal embroidery projects that she has planned.

What's in a Name

Cecily de la Warde went to a couple of sources at the Phoenix Public Library (there was no internet!). She went to the "no photocopy" source so she wouldn't have to make copies at the public library submit a copy of the sources. Cecily was from Cecily de Navarre, Richard the III's mother and for her last name she looked up her maiden name Warde which showed up in there as well. Warde was the occupation of a Warden, so she is Cecily of the Warden family.


Cecily's persona is English in the time of the domesday book, but she has been known to play in lots of other time periods, including Viking, early Greek and Egyptian, and late period, Tudor, Elizabethan, Ottoman, Persian, so basically EVERYTHING!

Heraldry Story

Cecily has "the Falcon Huntress" on her heraldry. She collects buttons and purchased several antique Victorian buttons with the Falcon Huntress on them and was inspired to create her heraldry around them. She also had been around horses most of her life and that was important to her.

Cecily also has a badge that is "vegetable lamb." This is a medieval depiction of a cotton plant. Azure, a vegetable lamb argent, flowered Or and fructed argent.
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Cecily's Order of Precedence

Offices & Positions


  • Estrella War Deputy Artisan Showcase Coordinator - 6/2020
  • Deputy Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer - 9/2013
  • Deputy to A & S Minister
  • Largess Coordinator for Pennsic

    Barony of Sun Dragon

  • Exchequer - (for Kathleen and Ryan)
  • Prize Coordinator
  • Arts and Sciences Champion

    Arts and Sciences

  • Made all Bowman badges for the kingdom for several years
  • Painted/created archer targets for the kingdom for about 10 years
  • Entered and competed in multiple A & S contests
  • Won embroidery contests for about 5 years
  • Helped with the embroidery for the 50 year tapestry
  • Decorated pottery from 1500 b.c. to 1600 a.d. from many different cultures
  • Has done a lot of calligraphy and illumination, including a Queen's Grace and calligraphy on a Pelican scroll
  • Elizabethan and Viking accessories, like a metal grooming kit, purses, hair nets, book covers, bags, necklaces, festoons, hats, etc.
  • Embroidered sleeves for 3 different queens
  • Made some embroidered hats for pelicans and laurels
  • Has done a lot of largess including like the ribbon roses, herbal sashets, decorated bottles, knitted bags, sprang hats and bags, sprang bottle covers, toys and games, inkle weaving, etc
  • Sewed her Persian, Greek, and Viking costumes

    Performing Arts

  • Play the recorder and sings
  • Participated in and won multiple bardic competitions for singing at baronial events and wars

    Martial Arts

  • Archery achieved level of Bowman

    Events Ran

  • Ren Man and baronial polling where Dimitri and Tatiana won

    Other Volunteering

  • Multiple feasts
  • Set up and take down at baronial events
  • Pre-reg at events for Estrella
  • Worked at Estrella troll and was the shift leader
  • Ran troll at other events as Exchequer including at other Baronies
  • A & S display for Kingdom
  • Has done a lot of judging at Baronial and Kingdom A & S events
  • Helped with the soup kitchen
  • Helped with merchants at Estrella
  • Set up a couple of times at Estrella

    Classes Taught/Mentoring

  • How to do Sprang
  • How to do Lucet
  • How to sing some English Folk Songs
  • How to make Medieval mustard
  • The Smell and Taste of period spices
  • Archery and Equestrian Rules
  • How to do Blackwork
  • 1000 years of textile arts (with examples)
  • One-on-one with Cloister stitch
  • Survey of Middle Eastern Pottery
  • One-on-one pottery painting
  • Feast Gear Examples and how they can use them at Feasts


  • Facebook: Mundane: Patti Jo Collum