Benedict of Luzern

From Kingdom of Atenveldt
Lord Benedict of Luzern
Resides: Barony of Twin Moons
Status: Active
Benedict of Luzern.png
Quarterly gules and Or, in bend three cats' faces, a bordure engrailed counterchanged.

Gules, a lion's head cabossed between flaunches Or

SCA origin story

Benedict was introduced to the SCA by a friend in The Barony of Tir Ysgithr in 1989. He became squired in the mid 90's but was released to follow his lady to the Kingdom of An Tir. Residing in An Tir he sort of fell out of the society with the exception of the occasional armored combat practice and the annual pilgramage to Estrella War. He then traveled to the Kingdom of Ansteorra for another year. In 2017 the two returned to Atenveldt. He now revels in a strange juxtaposition of building new relationships through the archery community yet reuniting with people from decades ago. In a way Benedict is reinventing himself. His dreams are that this new energy will spill over onto the rest of Haus Tagesterne.


Benedict is a 14th century stone mason out of Luzern, Switzerland. Benedict's persona was born and ages thru time exactly 600 years ago as his mundane counterpart does today.

Interests & activities


Benedict is a yeoman, aspiring to be Forester in open bow and period hand bow. He is honored to be accepted as a Companion of the Black Pheon. His weapon of choice is a very traditional longbow and until recently he only shot full period. He has done minor bow repairs and builds all his own arm bracer's, quivers, arrows.

Period, horn reinforced self nocked, whipped & bound goose feather fletched, bodkin tipped arrows.

Armored Combat

One of the reason's Benedict was drawn into the SCA was shinai. Remember SCA shinai back in the early 90's. No? Well you're not the only one. "Brah, shinai was like soooooooooo 90's." From there he transitioned into fencing and from there into full hardsuit. In the late 90's Benedict actually started the road to knighthood by taking a red belt to Thegn Sir Brendan mac Artuir (then Sir Brendan). A couple years and a AoA later Sir Brendan released Benedict as a squire when he followed his lady love to An Tir. From that point on Benedict only fought occasionally and at Estrella Wars. A knight of An Tir once stated to him, "I've finally got you figured out. You're a recreational fighter." True words to this day.


Leatherworking/tooling & metalwork

One of the household badges on Benedict's archery quiver.

See more of Benedict's SCA leatherwork here.

Mead Making

In Atenveldt Brewer's guild competitions Benedict has achieved-

  • 3rd place, Estrella War 2002, wines & meads, lavender mead.
  • 3rd place, Estrella War 2003, wines & meads, mead
  • 2nd place, Estrella War 2003, wines & meads, blackberry melomel.
  • 1st place, Estrella War 2004, wines & meads for the same blackberry melomel.
  • Honorable mention, Estrella War 2004, wines & meads, clove metheglin.
  • 1st place, Highlands War 2005, wines & meads & best period beverage, mead
  • 1st place, Estrella War 2018, wines & meads, 10 year old peppermint metheglin


    While no expert Benedict is happy to discuss heraldry. He currently has arms & two badges passed (one especially for his household) and another in submission.

    Period Games

    "Decades ago I attended a household period game night and I was fascinated." Benedict enjoys playing backgammon, tabula, nine man's morris, mancala, boccie & chess and is interested in obtaining & playing senet, the Royal Game of Ur, and Tafl.

    Order of Precedence

    Benedict's Order of Precedence


    Haus Tagesterne

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