Beacon of the Desert

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Award Information
Blazon: Or, three fleur-de-lys in pall bases to center azure
Type: Arts & Science awards Armigerous
Founded: August 3, 2002 by Aaron and Alisandra
Premiere(s): Cecily de la Warde
Recipients: [{{{recipients}}} People with this award]

The Beacon of the Desert recognizes volunteering within the Kingdom of Atenveldt. This award has the first level of precedence for Kingdom service awards, above an Award of Arms.


A medallion bearing "Argent, a sun in splendor per saltire Or and azure and a bordure indented azure" dependent from a cord around the neck


Bestows no titles

Order of Precedence

This award is armigerous and takes precedence over baronial armigerous awards but below Principality of the Sun awards


    In Anno Societatis thirty-seven, during the third Reign of Their Royal Majesties Aaron and Alisandra there was created an award known as the Beacon of the desert (was la Orden del Sirviente del Sol) Theresa von Elp was created Premier of this Order on July 20, 2002.
  1. There shall exist in the Kingdom of Atenveldt an award known as the Beacon of the Desert (was la Orden del Sirviente del Sol), which may be given by the Crown to those persons who have given service to the Kingdom of Atenveldt.
  2. An individual may receive only one Beacon of the Desert.
  3. The members of this Order shall be styled as Companions of the Beacon of the Desert and shall be entitled place the initials C.S.D. after their names.
  4. The insignia of the order, is Argent, a sun in splendor per saltire Or and azure and a bordure indented azure.
  5. Companions of the Order shall take precedence after armigerous Principality Awards and before armigerous Baronial Awards.
  6. The Protectors of the order will be the Crown of Atenveldt.
  7. Amendments to this charter shall be made by the Crown of Atenveldt.
  8. The membership in the Order of all previous recipients of this award is hereby confirmed.