Barony of Mons Tonitrus History

From Kingdom of Atenveldt

Mons Tonitrus encompasses the city of Sierra Vista in Arizona


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Argent, in chief a laurel wreath vert between a pile in bend and another in bend sinister and in base three chevronels braced, all sable

List of Barons and Baronesses

Uchdred and Constance

  • A.S. 24-26.....1989-1992

    Alwyn and Constance

  • A.S. 26-26.....1992–1992

    Morgan and Angelica

  • A.S. 26-29.....1992-1995

    Duncan and Moire

  • A.S. 29-32.....1995-1997

    Philip and Selina

  • A.S. 32-35.....1997-2000

    Odinel and Judith

  • A.S. 35-37.....2000-2002

    Seamus and Gwenllian

  • A.S. 37-40.....2002-2005

    Charles and Christine

  • A.S. 40-43.....2005-2008

    Egan and Meadbh

  • A.S. 43-45.....2008-2010

    Heinrich and Julianna

  • A.S. 45-48.....2010-2013

    Finnian and Brigit

  • A.S. 48-51.....2013-2016

    Karl and Samara

  • A.S. 51-54.....2016-2019

    Mariette and Ilari

  • A.S. 54-57.....2019-2022

    Prior Baronial Champions


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