Awards for Service

From Kingdom of Atenveldt

Beacon of the Desert

The Beacon of the Desert recognizes volunteering within the Kingdom of Atenveldt. Service may take many forms including holding an officer position, field support, event stewarding, serving on a court, or any number of other tasks to make the game happen for everyone.  This award has the first level of precedence for Kingdom service awards, above an Award of Arms. (more detail)

Light of Atenveldt

This award is given for outstanding service to the Kingdom. Outstanding service can be defined many ways and may include a body of work, extent of the service, and/or the amount of time spent giving service. This award has a higher level of precedence for service, above a Beacon of the Desert. (more detail)

Commander of the Light of Atenveldt

The Commander of the Light is given to someone who continues give incredible service to the Kingdom and already has a Light of Atenveldt.  This is a very special award because only one may be given out per reign and the Crown puts a lot of thought into their choice.  The award includes a Grant of Arms and has a higher precedence than the Light of Atenveldt. (more detail)

Star of the Desert

This award is given to recognize the large amount of volunteer time needed to run our annual Estrella War. The award can be given to anyone who has worked for the event, in Atenveldt or other kingdoms. This award has three levels for adults, and two for youth; it can be given to the same individual more than once, but only at a higher level than they currently hold.  The Star’s order of precedence is above an Award of Arms. (more detail)

King's Sigil

This is a personal award from the King to thank people for their service to him during his reign.  The King gives out a token that he designs for his version of this award.  Some artisan Kings also make their own tokens.  This award ranks after an Award of Arms in order of precedence and people can receive multiple awards. (more detail)

Queen's Cypher

The award thanks people for their personal service to the Queen/Consort.  The Queen gives out a token bearing her initials that she designs personally. This award ranks after an Award of Arms in order of precedence and people can receive multiple awards. (more detail)

Badges for Atenveldt Service Awards

All Awards B. of Atenveldt Tir Ysgithr
Sun Dragon Mons Tonitrus Twin Moons
Ered Sul Granite Mountain