Awards for Courtesy

From Kingdom of Atenveldt

Queen's Grace

The Queen’s Grace is given to people whose conduct the Queen feels best exemplify the ideals of courtliness and gentility in the current Middle Ages.  This award is given by the Queen exclusively; some consider this award to be a very personal choice and do not desire recommendations, while other Queens welcome and encourage name recommendations for this award. This award has the same level of precedence as the Light of Atenveldt, Fleur du Soleil, Hawks Lure. (more detail)

Commander of the Queen's Grace

The Commander is given to those who already have a Queen’s Grace and whose conduct The Queen feels continues to be the best example of the ideals of courtliness and gentility in the Current Middle Ages. This is a very special award as only one may be given out per reign, so The Queen puts a lot of thought into her choice.  The award includes a Grant of Arms and has a higher precedence than the Queen’s Grace.

(more detail)

Courier of Radiance

The Courier of Radiance is given to people who strengthen Atenveldt’s ties to the SCA Known World by traveling to other Kingdoms or by hosting out-of-kingdom guests in the spirit of mutual friendship.  This award can be given to anyone, from Atenveldt or out-of-kingdom friends The award carries no precedence. (more detail)

Badges for Atenveldt Courtesy Awards

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Sun Dragon Mons Tonitrus Twin Moons
Ered Sul Granite Mountain