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Lady Aurora
Resides: Barony of Sun Dragon
Status: Active
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Purpure, a unicorn's head couped, on a chief argent three hearts gules.

Lady Aurora started attending Estrella War in 2005 but became more involved in the Society when she started participating with Sun Dragon in about 2013. She is an accomplished belly dancer and has been a part of the belly dancing community since 2005. Besides belly dancing, Aurora is a seamstress, artist, block printer and archer. Aurora has recently started dabbling in heraldry as well. As mother of 2 active children, she still attempts to balance her time between her kids and her love of the SCA. She is married to Lord Philippe de Dauphiné. Aurora is member and founder of the Horny Horses Household.

Lady Aurora started playing in the SCA in part because she always loved the romantic ideas of chivalry and fantasized about the idea that she could be someone else, especially being in "princess" clothes. She had played D-n-D from her teens into adulthood, so the idea of a middle-ages society intrigued her. She was originally invited to this "medieval thing" where you "camp in funny clothes" by her Aunt Lady Cassandra Bakere the Chiurgen. And then from then on she was hooked.


Lady Aurora plays a late-period (1600s) Romani persona from England, but has been known to time travel to many various eras, including Greek and Egyptian.

What's in a Name

Lady Aurora, being the romantic she is, chose her SCA name well before she knew what would fall under period names and based her name on the Disney Sleeping Beauty's, Princess Aurora. In the belly dancing community, you typically select just one name (no surname to go by), both so that you can "be someone else" on stage and so that you can protect yourself from creepy persons. Luckily, Aurora falls just barely into our SCA time period. However, belly dancers are often told that belly dancing is not period, but she decided to continue dancing anyway. She had no intention of registering her name, but after much discussion, she decided that this is how the game is played and one should follow the expectations. So after getting her award of arms, she decided to look for a Romani last name to reflect the "not fitting in" part of being a belly dancer and to encompass the entertainer role the Romani's often played historically. The last name of Faw was associated with Romani and was able to be used to identify ethnicity.

Heraldry Story

Lady Aurora has loved unicorns since a child. At 25 she had a unicorn tattooed on her shoulder. Unicorns represent purity, chivalry, and yet an untamed wildness and nobility. So it only makes sense that her heraldry means, "Love Unicorns." Her favorite colors are purple and pink, so it is without wonder, that she chose purpure and gules. While "pink" doesn't officially exist in period, faded red does. She also registered a badge with a full, rampant unicorn and a semy of hearts so she can have options in her heraldry decoration. Fun with Heraldry below:
Aurora badge.png Aurora device heart.jpg Aurora device pretty pony.jpg


Aurora's Order of Precedence

Offices & Positions


  • Kingdom of Atenveldt Deputy Kingdom Social Media Officer Sept 2020-Present
  • Archery Marshall Jan 2019-present

    Queen's Lady In Waiting

  • Queen Elzbieta - Nov 2022 - May 2023
  • Queen Katrina - Feb 2022 - Nov 2022
  • Queen Elizabeth - Nov 2019 - Nov 2022 (during the eternal reign)

    Barony of Sun Dragon

  • Minister of Arts and Sciences - Jan 2023 - present
  • Social Media Officer Jun 2018 - Dec 2022
  • Chatelaine Oct 2018 – Oct 2019
  • A & S Defender Oct 2017 – Oct 2018
  • Deputy Exchequer Sept 2017 – Sept 2019

    Barony of Atenveldt

  • Lady of Love Sept 2018 – Dec 2019


  • Scored a 4 legged Spider on 20 yards Mar 2022
  • Competes in most tournaments
  • Teaches newcomers archery basics
  • Helped with creation/painting of many, many targets
  • Ran Youth Archery at Estrella War 2019 and 2020
  • Got Bowman rank Jan 2019
  • Competed for Archery Champion in Oct 2019
  • Started in Summer of 2016


    Belly Dance

  • Taught drumming to new people - Feb 2022
  • Taught belly dancing at her house 2021
  • Created videos for the Kingdom and Barony song compilations during the time of The Plague; Time Warp and Can't Stop the Feeling, by JT 2019
  • Hosted haflas including, the rained out weekend of Art of War, November 2019 and Wed Night of Estrella War 2020
  • Have competed in many belly dance competitions, including Estrella War Halfla 2017 and Highlands War in July 2019
  • Performed at 12th Night, 2019 in Tucson
  • Run Daddy O's Desert Caravan Dance and Drum Monthly hafla's where SCA dancers and drummers are invited to participate and perform 2013-present
  • Started belly dancing in 2005


  • Competed for Bardic Champion at Sun Dragon Champions 2021
  • Filked "Purple Rain" with "Virtual Reign" in dedication to Baron Wolff, at Atenveldt Heraldry and Bardic Symposium, September 2020 Virtual Reign Filk
  • Performed and won duet in Atenveldt bardic competition How to Train Your Viking, April 2019
  • Competed at Sun Dragon Champions 2019
  • Performed at Fall Coronation 2019
  • Performed in Tucson at Bardic in 2017

    Arts and Sciences


  • Completed many scrolls at both baronial and kingdom level including some very customized scrolls
  • Competed as Novice in Kingdom A & S in Sept 2019 – won in my category
  • Started calligraphy in April 2019
  • Competed as Novice in Kingdom A & S in Sept 2018 – won for novice
  • Started painting scrolls in June 2017

    Photos of Aurora's Scrolls


  • Made sideless surcoat - Jan 2022
  • Made silk Italian gamurra and underdress - Dec 2022
  • Made Viking hoods for Baroness Valdisa and Baron Wolff and painted their heraldry on them - Nov 2022
  • Self drafted, made and embroidered a wool liripipe hood Nov 2022
  • Completed period style coif to go with cotehardie 2022
  • Primary seamstress for the Horny Horses Household, made many clothes for newbies
  • Made Hedeby Viking style liri-pipe hood for Yule exchange - Dec 2021
  • Measured, drafted, and made Turkish pants 2021
  • Made 8 wool Mongolian style hats 2021-2022
  • Embroidered pickle for tunic 2021
  • Made favors for her household 2021
  • Sewed, embroidered and block printed pockets for largess 2021
  • Sewed and block printed Sun Dragon pockets 2020
  • Drafted, sewed, and block printed cotehardie for Lady of Love stepping down at Barony of Atenveldt Anniversary 2019
  • Sewed and block printed Viking hoods for prize at Barony of Atenveldt Anniversary 2019
  • Made ottoman coat from silk for hubby for Mid-East Feast 2019
  • Made a pirate "captain's" coat 2016
  • Belly dance bra and belt 2014


  • Painted parasol for SunDragon member for fundraising July 2022
  • Painted parasol for household member April 2022
  • Painted multiple archery targets
  • Made Egyptian Weekesh collar based on actual extant examples and entered into Kingdom A & S
  • Created mask for fundraising for masquerade ball for Barony of Atenveldt 2021
  • Made a lot of cordials, primarily with vodka
  • Completed many block printing projects for clothing
  • Painted 4 paint brush holders for kingdom largess 3/2021
  • Painted heraldic Christmas ornaments for Barony of Atenveldt ornament contest 2019
  • Created silk banner for myself 2019 and hubby 2020
  • Painted Baronial camp walls 2019
  • Finger loop braided for special project for Barony of Atenveldt 2018
  • Won populace vote on painted parasol on A & S display at Champions 2018
  • Painted parasols for household 2018
  • Painted parasol for Sun Dragon regalia for the Baroness 2017

    Photos of Aurora's SCA projects


  • Helped Flóki rauð-hárr with new device submission 12/2022
  • Helped Fionnghuala Cailin with new device and name submission 12/2022
  • Helped Emeludt von Zerssen with new device submission 12/2022
  • Helped Desiree of Sundragon with name and device submission 12/2022
  • Created War of the Phoenix badge 10/2022
  • Helped Hylda with name and device submission 9/2022
  • Helped Benedikt of Luzern with badge submission 8/2022
  • Helped Anna von Arhweiler with badge submission 8/2022
  • Helped Kakujo with badge submission 6/2022
  • Helped Moira O'Droogan with badge submision 6/2022
  • Helped Mattea Locatelli with badge submission 6/2022
  • Helped Neo the Pict with name/badge submission 2021 and 6/2022
  • Help people create heraldry pictures in chat for submission (on-going)
  • Created heart heraldry for SunDragon - 2/2022
  • Helped Teresa bint Fajr with heraldry name/device submission 12/2021
  • Helped Kolfinna the Quiet with heraldry device submission 11/2021
  • Helped Tartar Ferenc with heraldry name/device submission 9/2021
  • Helped Sigrun with heraldry device submission 9/2021
  • Helped Robert MacIain with heraldry name/device submission 3/2021

    Heraldry Pics

    Events Ran

  • Ran Youth Archery at Estrella 2019, 2020, and scheduled for 2021
  • Awarded Bid for Spring Coronation 2020
  • Sun Dragon Champions 2019
  • Fabric War July 2017
  • Children’s Clothing Exchange (at several Estrella War Events and at several Fabric Wars)

    Other Volunteering

  • Took local parasol orders for Kingdom of Atenveldt, ordered from Thailand, and distributed 127 parasols Nov 2022
  • Assists with setting up people on the Atenveldt Wiki pages 2020-present
  • Created Social Media Guide and How To documents 2/2022
  • Assisted with Site Clean Up event for Baron's War 1/2022
  • Sun Dragon Land-O-Crat for 2019 and 2020
  • Open Stitch and Bitch at my house
  • Atenveldt Parasol Purchase (ordered and distributed 183) April 2020
  • Estrella War Watch/Front gate Volunteering 2009-2019

    Classes Taught

  • Parasol Painting Class 3/2022
  • How to dress as a Belly Dancer at SCA Events - 8/2021
  • SMO basic duties - Aten University - 12/2021
  • Easy T-Tunic Class (on-line)
  • Belly Dance - Sun Dragon Fighter Practice - 1/21/2018
  • Block printing - Mixed Weapons War - March 2019
  • Block printing - My House - 1/20/2019
  • Intro to Belly Dance - Estrella War - Feb 2018
  • Belly Dance for Kids (2) - Estrella War - Feb 2017


  • Email: Aurora Faw
  • Facebook: Mundane - Michelle Geiger